Hi Y'all!

i am shayla nicole. i am your photographer!

i have always had a love of photography from the day a camera was placed in my hand. my camera was with me wherever i went (i have tons of albums to prove it!)

i love being able to capture a special moment in time that can be shared for generations to come. whether the photo tells the beginning of your love story, the joy of new life or just celebrating YOU : i would love to capture it! 

when i'm not behind the camera you can find me being a mom to four year old boy/girl twins and my kitty mayhem (rip 😿). you can also find me in my classroom with my preschool friends. i am pretty much always sipping on coffee, enjoying way too many snacks (twizzlers), watching hgtv or curled up with a book!

My whole word! My twins Harper and Walker! 

Friendship Is key! It's hard finding true friends....I think I have! 

FAMILY! This Is not even half of them! I treasure having them In my life! 

My real true love. haha j/k. But this right here Is my best friend...Iced Caramel Macchiato from Dunkin! 


visit me on instagram!

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